Full Service Massage

Full Service Massage

A full service massage in London is where things can progress to an extra level of erotic play and pleasure.

What happens in this type of massage session is completely between two consenting adults. Sensual massage has often been seen as a key part of sexual foreplay between couples.

The massage will of course relax both partners and is a great way to build the erotic tension that exists between two people. It gets the blood flowing and releases those endorphin's in the brain.

Sensual massage has always been the best kind of foreplay and can really get both persons in the mood for some intimate loving.

There are many masseuses in London who offer this full service massage. 

However it is best to be polite and ask beforehand, as if the therapist does not offer it, an embarrassing situation many occur which could spoil your massage session.

As the famous saying goes 'Manners Maketh Man' so do not forget to be a gentlemen and ask first, do not just presume.

You can tell if many agencies or independent masseuses in London offer this extra sensual therapy as they will have the phrases full service or vip massage mentioned on their website. 

Whatever style of treatment you like we hope you enjoy your self and truly find peace and harmony from your busy schedule.

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