Thai Massage

If you didn’t know already, the new Thai year has just begun. The event itself lasts for a week and is celebrated inside Thailand with water fights, prayers at the temples and other celebrations.

Sports Massage

We do not know about you but for us spring is a fantastic time of the year. As we move further into spring the dark clouds recede and the weather gets warmer.

Topless Massage

Men love female breasts. This much you probably already know. They love to play, fondle and touch them.

Lingam Love

If you have been searching around for a tantric massage in London you may have come across the word lingam.

Dark Tantra

One certain sensual massage treatment that seems to be getting a lot of attention recently is Dark Tantra. So what exactly is this mysterious erotic therapy?

Sexual Massage

What makes a regular standard massage boring compared with a sexual massage in London is the anticipation of knowing what is coming next.

Private Massage

Let us be honest there is something very liberating and special about being naked with another person.

Sensual Body Rubs

This time of year around the world, well at least in Europe, people start the new year with resolutions.

Swedish Massage

Many of the masseuses from our portfolio are from European backgrounds and are qualified in Swedish massage.

Vagina Massage

The female genitalia is a very sensual area for the female. A vagina massage if done correctly can produce an explosive orgasm.