Sexual Massage

London Sexual Massage

What makes a regular standard massage boring compared with a sexual massage in London is the anticipation of knowing what is coming next.

That slow build up where the masseuse gives you a nice gentle all over body rub is like the calm before the sensual storm. In storms out at sea the waves get bigger and bigger and higher and higher. This is exactly what our body to body therapists will do to your mind and body, they will make you ride the waves of tantric delight, getting more intense as the session moves forward. The sexual energy between you and your goddess will be electric, goosebumps will appear all over your skin. 

If you like the sound of all this then we suggest you browse around the Erotic Joy website to get a good idea about what we do and how we do it. You can then take a peek at the sexy masseuses in the gallery who are available and then call us to make a booking. We promise you that will experience a first class massage that will be very sexual indeed.

Erotic Joy