Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish Massage In London

Fulfil your fantasy with a fabulous fun foot fetish massage.

There is so many different massage styles in existence that you some times forget the smaller niche massages that some people like. Such as foot fetish massage, which is becoming more popular by the hour across the world.

However, at this moment in time you do not find too many therapists, either masseuses or escorts, offering this.

We think that is because it is quite a skilled massage to do.

So what exactly happens in a foot fetish massage?

To put it simply the masseuse will massage your body in sensual ways using her feet and legs. Many masseuses will use bare feet but some will offer the choice of tights. Having nylon tights rub up against your skin feels very erotic.

She will rub your nipples with her feet and then work her way down to your most sensitive zone, also known as the testicles. She will tease and tickle this area of your body, making you get an erection. She will then proceed to wrap her feet around your penis to massage your shaft. 

If you are a guy that just adores women's feet and legs, you will find you will get a great deal of enjoyment from this session. The ending of course will be very happy and is sure to be met by happy smiles all around.

If you have never had a foot fetish massage before then we reckon it could be worth trying. You might find a whole new world of pleasure opens up into your life.

Erotic Joy