Experience Anal Prostate Massage London Style

This therapy is very similar to the others. However, in a prostate massage session the masseuse will pay extra attention to your anal area.

When seeking the best anal prostate massage London has to give, you will need to find a masseuse who knows what she’s doing. 

The prostate is a small gland in the male body, which can be found inside the anus. When gently touched it will produce a very enjoyable sensation. 

A qualified masseuse will erotically stimulate your prostate while massaging your testicles and penis. The sensation this brings about can be unbelievably enjoyable and very intense. 

Our masseuses are very gifted and talented with their hands. The technique we use will end up producing a very powerful orgasm that you may never have achieved before. This treatment in particular can produce a staggering outcome of emotions and delight.  With intense sensations covering your whole body.

It’s extremely enjoyable to have the seductive eyes of a beautiful woman gaze into your eyes as she plays with your anus and erogenous zones.

We love stimulating the male G-spot for intense pleasure. Come see us for a prostate massage in London this week.


Masseuses who are fully qualified and have years of experience as sensual masseuses.


Our incall locations in London are all safe, quiet, and discreet. The perfect place for an intimate massage.


All these masseuses are beautiful and charming too. You will enjoy spending time in their company.


We have a big choice of massages for you to choose from. All at affordable prices.

Anal Foreplay + Prostate Pleasuring = Happy Times

Getting the best out of an anal massage in London is to have it performed by a masseuse who has detailed knowledge. Not only about the whole male body but also the anal area of the male torso. The anus has thousands of nerve endings and is a very sensitive area of the body.

Knowing how to carefully stimulate these areas in a sensual, and caring way, can feel wonderful. Doing this can bring about intense rushes and powerful orgasms. Especially, when it is combined with a simultaneous massage of other body parts such as the penis and nipples.

Maybe in the past only homosexual men would appreciate the fine art of anal massage. However, many straight guys are now waking up to the ecstatic pleasure that a prostate massage in London can bring.

Many heterosexual couples now incorporate anal and prostate pleasuring into their loving sexual encounters.

Caressing the male g-spot

The prostate gland is sometimes referred to as the male version of the female g-spot. The sensations many men achieve from this sounds very similar to what women get when their g-spot is touched and rubbed. This is why this therapy can be referred to as the ‘male g-spot massage.’ Whatever you like to call it, it will feel fantastic.

Prostate massage, if done properly like we do, is a very healthy treatment. It can help relieve clogged up areas of your body and make you feel much more clear and healthy. 

If you want to try a prostate massage in London by an experienced sensual masseuse then get in touch today and lets arrange a booking. Let us insert some joy into your sexual life.

Charming massage girls in London

We are a sexy selection of talented young female masseuses. 

Our prostate massage is the best in London. Our touch is divine, we will send you to heaven. 

When we touch this area inside the anus we will also be skilfully massaging your penis at the same time, the resulting feeling can be very pleasurable.

Health benefits of prostate massage

When we do this massage it leaves most men shaking for a few minutes as they have an all over all body orgasm. This type of orgasm is rare in typical love making unless you are into tantric sex. 

Coming for a prostate massage in London could be your chance to really see what true ecstatic orgasms are all about.

Having a regular powerful orgasm is considered to be a great natural medicine for the body. It keeps all those unhealthy diseases away by giving a boost to the immune system.

There is a saying in the UK. which goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’  We personally think they should replace the word ‘apple’ with the word ‘orgasm’.

If you want to be among the growing number of men who are experiencing the wonderful joys of prostate stimulation then come see us. You can add prostate massage to any treatment including the body to body and tantric massage session.

Experience the true joy

If it’s an earth-shuddering joy you are seeking then we suggest you add this extra treat to your session, you will be glad you did.

We understand that for some men having your anus stimulated may be seen as somehow gay. However this is a technique that more and more straight guys are trying. It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to do in bedrooms across the world too.

If you do have any questions or concerns regarding this treatment, especially if you are a first timer, please feel free to ask us. Our touch is careful, soft, and delicate, so if you will be in the best hands possible. 

To make a booking with us for a fabulous prostate massage in London please get in touch.

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