Super soapy massage London style

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We invite you to come try the best soapy massage London has to offer. Join us in the bath tub or shower where we will scrub your body clean, no parts will go unmissed. 

You will be in for a real treat as we cover your whole body in soapy bubbly shower gel. This is the best soapy massage in London.

Once this is over you will be guided over to a blow-up mattress where a very special soapy body 2 body massage will take place.

This session is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a stressful week of London life. Our soft sensual touch on your skin will soon make any stresses and pains vanish. You will feel reborn.

Reasons to come see us for London’s best soapy massage…


Sexy masseuses who are fully qualified and have years of experience as sensual masseuses.


Our incall locations in London are safe, quiet and discreet. The perfect place for an intimate massage.


All these girls are beautiful and charming too. You will enjoy spending time in their company.


We have a big choice of massages for you to choose from. All at affordable prices.


Soapy massage is a body to body based therapy. It actually originates from the infamous soap lands of Japan and is very similar to the Japanese nuru massage but uses shower gel instead of nuru gel.

This session is very popular in London and is offered by many sensual masseuses. The massage is normally performed on a plastic blow up mattress.

What happens during a soapy massage?

A soapy massage in London will normally start with a shared shower where you and the masseuse will wash each other’s naked body. The masseuse will make sure every part of your torso is clean, including those sensitive parts of the body.

This is a really fun way to start of your erotic massage. It will get you and the masseuse close together where you can get to know each other a little more.

The masseuse will probably let you wash her body too which will be just as enjoyable for her as it is for you. Obviously sharing a shower with a sexy female can make you feel a little excited. However, do not get over excited as the best part of the session is still to come (or should we say cum).

Over to the bed

Once the shower is over the masseuse will guide you over to a plastic blow up mattress.  You will be asked to lay face down, your sensual therapist will then give you a nice all over massage, which will help relax those tired muscles.

She will slide her body over your legs, bum and back, you will feel her soft skin glide against your body.

As mentioned before, if you have ever had a nuru massage in London you find the process very similar. You will then turn over where your chosen massage girl will begin to work on your front side.

Your goddess therapist will continue to squirt the shower over your body and with a sponge will caress your torso, the bubbles and gel with slide around your body and hers too.

This soapy massage session will then conclude in the typical way any erotic massage ends with a big climatic happy ending. Having an erotic soapy massage is an excellent way to relax. 

It is the ultimate London body rub experience and an absolute pleasure to receive. Go try one now, you won’t regret it.

Sexy massage girls in London

When seeking the best soapy massage London has to offer, you need to find a masseuse who knows what she’s doing. 

We have A superb selection of talented young female massage therapists just for you. Our touch is divine, come feel for yourself.

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The best thing to be invented in Japan, apart from those Japanese sex robots of course.

Intense stimulation of your anal area. At the of the massage you will explode in pure joy.

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You have to try this session. Get sensually massage by 2 women.

Try our special body to body massage session. Happy vibes guaranteed.

Incall locations

We have a many locations in London where you come see us for some adult relaxation.

Experience a real London soapy massage. This is an hour of heaven. 

Call today to book your appointment.

Get fully relaxed before you go off into the world again.

A busy area with a big train station. Make sure to see us before getting on your train.

Have a body to body massage in Bond Street with sexy babes.

The iconic arch is big and strong, just like your member will be.

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and come for a sexy massage.

Clear all the stresses from your body with a soapy massage in Euston.

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