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Located in the far eastern side of the world-famous Oxford Street and north-eastern side of Hyde Park, Marble Arch is a monument sitting in the middle of London’s busiest traffic junction.

It might appear as a mere piece of architecture sitting there as a roundabout, but in reality, Marble Arch has a prominent place in the glorious history of London.    

Initially intended to be the ceremonial gateway to the beautiful Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch was a grander design than what it looks like today. The monument was designed by an accomplished architect of his time, John Nash.

Back in the early nineteenth century, Nash was one of the few people in London who was entrusted with the responsibility of designing and changing the geographical appearance of the city.

King George IV ordered the construction of this arch. However, he died before its completion, and the next king, King William IV, refused to fund this project. Although later, it did receive funds but it never got the status of becoming the official entrance to the Buckingham Palace. 

When Queen Victoria was in power, Buckingham Palace became the centre of all royal activities. Since she was living there with her nine children, the palace needed to be expanded. In order to add another wing to the palace, the Marble Arch was shifted to the entrance of Hyde Park.

Today, there is no specific use of the arch, but speculations are being made that the Arch can be moved inside the park. 


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