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Holborn is located in Central London and is pronounced as Ho-burn by the locals of the city. This area is a must-visit for those who belong to the fields of law, journalism, and media.

Its close affiliation with people and professions of such high intellectual capabilities has always added to Holborn’s undeniable significance.

Back in the medieval period, Holborn used to be a junction fully packed with serious-faced barristers and properly wigged judges. They not only had their offices in this region, but were also permanent residents of Holborn.

The reason why Holborn was chosen as the centre of all legal activities was because of the introduction of a law, according to which no legal practices were allowed within the City of London.

Since Holborn was the closest location outside the city, it was therefore chosen for the building of Gray’s Inn, Lincoln’s Inn, and Inner Temple.  

Today, many people are not well aware of Holborn’s historical importance, and therefore, consider the area a mere extension of Oxford Street. However, the place has always had its distinct identity.  

Some of the famous landmarks close to Holborn include the world-famous British Museum which has an exclusive collection of Roman artefacts.

Moreover, Holborn connects its visitors to a number of smaller museums in the city which include Sir John Soane’s Museum, Museum of Freemasonry, and Hungarian Museum.     

Currently, Holborn doesn’t have a large number of residential areas. However, there are several plans in pipeline that have been designed to increase the residential clouts in the region.