Japanese Style Nuru Massage

This slippery body to body nuru massage in London is a treatment like no other.

From the far east originally, this popular erotic massage has become a favourite among the residents of London.

Genuine nuru massage in London is like a body to body massage but with an extra twist, as it involves the use of nuru gel, a colourless and odourless gel made from seaweed. The gel itself is very good for nourishing the skin.

If you want to know more about the gel we use then keep reading as we cover this in more detail further down the page.

But First let us tell you what to expect from this session...

Every London nuru massage session will be different depending on the masseuse. Most sessions will start off with a shared shower. Why does it start off like this?

Well can you think of a more enjoyable way to begin a highly erotic experience than by jumping in the shower with a hot naked female?

No, I didn't think so!

You and the masseuse will both strip naked, and then move into the steamy shower together. She will use this opportunity to scrub your body clean, preparing you for the main event.

Just watch the soapy shower gel and bubbles slide down her soft smooth skin, while at the the same time she is reaching under your scrotum to make sure every part of your body and cleaned and refreshed.

The Blow Up Mattress is Where You Can Blow Your Load

The masseuse will then help you dry off and escort you to the blow up mattress, she will then have you lay face down.

She will pour the nuru gel over your body as well as her own, and will proceed to give you a very relaxing body to body massage.

The masseuse will slip and slide all over your body with her breasts, stomach, thighs and legs, all sensually caressing your naked body. You do not have to imagine what it would feel like to have one of our lush ladies doing this, you can experience it for real.

how to give an erotic massage

The Sexy Scissor Slide
One particular technique that really stands out, as it is only really done in nuru massage, is called the scissor slide. It will become clear why it is called this when you have the massage, but is essentially this move is when the masseuse turns her body into a scissor motion and massages your bum and testicles with her slippery legs and thighs. Trust us when we say this feels great.

Slippery Erotic Nuru Massage London

As with all the sensual massages we offer here at Erotic Joy London, nuru massage closes with a very happy ending. As the session comes to a climax, we promise you that your whole torso will be shaking in pure delight.

We are very experienced at performing this intimate therapy. It takes many years to become fully qualified in this erotic art so you need to do it with a professional and talented masseuse. 

If you are wanting to try the best nuru massage London has available then we suggest you give us a call to arrange a session.

This massage has grown in popular for many reasons. You may have seen it on adult movies or heard about it from a friend. Where ever you first came across it, you will need to try it to really appreciate how wonderful and relieving this Japanese sensual therapy really is.

The video below will give you a good idea of what takes place in a nuru massage session... 

(Please note: In our session no body will have any clothes on like these guys have).


The Nuru Gel

Before having this slippery sensual body to body adventure many people want to know what is inside the gel. This is a great question as you do not want to be putting something onto your skin that you could possibly be allergic too.

Real nuru gel is actually a natural substance that is derived from seaweed found off the coast of Japan.

As mentioned previously the substance does not have a smell or colour. There are many uses for the gel but mostly it is used as a lubricate for sex or erotic massage. 

Some manufacturers like to put non-natural elements into their gel, but we only use the original natural organic version.

It is packed full of vitamins and nutrients which are great for your skin, as well as being perfect for a stimulating one-on-one erotic body to body massage session.