Personal Prostate Massage

This therapy is very similar to the others. However in a London prostate massage session the masseuse will pay extra attention to your anal area.

She will erotically stimulate your prostate while massaging your testicles and penis.

The sensation this brings about can be unbelievably enjoyable and very intense. Our masseuses are very gifted and talented with their hands and the technique they use will end up producing a very powerful orgasm which you many never have achieved before.

It can be extremely enjoyable to have the seductive eyes of a beautiful women gaze into your eyes as she plays with your anus and other erogenous zones.

Anal Foreplay

The key to getting the best out of anal massage in London is to have it performed by a masseuse who has detailed knowledge about the anal area of the male torso.

The anus has thousands of nerve endings and is a very sensitive area of the body.

It is knowing how to carefully stimulate these areas in a sensual and caring way that can bring about intense rushes and powerful orgasms, especially when it is combined with a simultaneous massage of other body parts such as the penis and nipples.

Maybe in the past only homosexual men would appreciate the fine art of anal massage, however many straight guys are now waking up to the ecstatic pleasure that this therapy can bring.

Many heterosexual couples now incorporate anal and prostate pleasuring into their loving sexual encounters.

Caressing the Male G-Spot

Prostate massage, if done properly like our masseuses do, is also a very healthy treatment. In can help relieve clogged up areas of your body and make your body and mind feel much more clear and healthy.

So if you want to try a prostate massage in London by an experienced sensual masseuse then get in touch today and lets arrange a booking. Let our girls insert some joy into your sexual life.