Authentic Tantric Massage in London

This form of sensual therapy dates back over thousands of years.

The massage evolved from the Eastern philosophy of tantra. You can now find tantric massage in London.

Many receivers use tantric massage as a way of preparing their mind and body for meditation and other spiritual reasons. 

The aim for many is to experience a full body orgasm without ejaculating. However this is down to preferences as many receivers will like to ejaculate as well as having an orgasm.

Today tantric massage has become extremely popular around the world. It is seen as a perfect way to relax for both men and women.

London is a fantastic place to try it. The city has many different masseuses who all have their own unique version of the therapy.

so what happens in this massage session?

When you arrive for your session you will be asked to undress and lay face down on either a soft mat, futon or bed. The masseuse will then proceed by giving your legs, back, neck and shoulders a therapeutic deep tissue massage.

This will relax both your body and mind and prepare you for what comes next.

As the session progresses you will find the practitioner will start sensually touching your buttocks, your thighs and between your legs, sometimes gently brushing against the head of your penis. This is pure uninhibited erotic massage London style and must be tried.

Sensual Bliss

You will then be asked to turnover where the session starts getting even more intimate.

The masseuse will focus the last twenty minutes or more of the session solely concentrating on massing your inner thighs, testicles and penis. She will utilise certain stimulating hand movements around your erect member that will feel unbelievably nice.

Each time she will build the tension bringing you closer and closer to your orgasm but each time backing off. She will then repeat this process, each time building the tension, this is tantric massage London style. 

Eventually she will let you cum and your whole body will be left floating in pure bliss. She will finish the session off with a relaxing head massage. 

If this all sounds like something you would like to try then feel free to get in touch and make an appointment with one of our sexy girls today.