G Spot Massage

G Spot Massage

Many people think that only women have a g-spot but this is not true, the male body also has one which is located inside the anus.

If there are any men out there who are intrigued by what it feels like to have your g-spot massaged then I suggest you come try one of our prostate massage sessions.  

The session can be done with either you lying on your front or back. The therapist will softly caress your thighs and buttocks and gently insert her finger into the anus.

This can feel very good indeed. As she works her way deeper she will find the male prostate gland which she gently stimulates. To ratchet the sensations up an extra notch she will be caressing your testicles and penis at the same time.

Of course the massage has to done in a very delicate or gentle manner otherwise it might be slightly uncomfortable to those that are not used to it.

This is why is needs to be completed by a trained and qualified sensual masseuse which is exactly who we are. So if you want to try then get in touch with us today.

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