Happy ending massage in London : 5 Reasons why you should try it

We often ask our clients what their favourite part of the massage is, it's no surprise to hear that it is the ending.

The whole purpose of an erotic massage is to build up to this moment of sexually blissful release also known in slang terms as the happy ending. 

The problem is when you hear the term happy ending you automatically think of some backstreet massage parlour which is filled with girls who just give a rub down followed by a hand job.

What you need to know, and probably already do, is that actual tantric massage delivered by a trained and professional masseuse is much more classy, sophisticated and skilled.

Where to go for a happy ending in London

If you don’t know the joys of a good happy ending massage, you probably have a certain impression of it. You might think it’s sleazy. That the ending has nothing to do with the massage but is simply an “added benefit”.

For many, it is a euphemism for a paid sexual experience. However, that’s not what a happy ending massage is at all. Getting a happy ending massage in London can be both a relaxing and sensual experience.

It is more than just a massage with a hand-job at the end. It is, in fact, a massage style that naturally leads to a happy ending, but is not just about the ending at all.

What to expect in this session

.A fantastic happy ending massage is not utilitarian. It is not just a means to an end. It is a sensual experience that takes care of the whole body. The best happy ending massage therapists approach the massage with passion and care.

They have immense experience in facilitating physical relaxation and pleasure. The massage therapist will use massage oils that have a positive effect on the body. They apply these oils to your body without letting it get too slippery that their hands can’t get a proper grip.

Then, they rub each part of the body with thoroughness and care, making sure to loosen any knots and to keep you engaged throughout. In other words, during a good happy ending massage you will never feel the urge to fall off to sleep.

You’ll feel relaxed but connected to the vitality of the therapist. The happy ending is the natural climax of the massage. And the better the massage is, the better the happy ending.

Why this is good for you

The most obvious benefit of a happy ending massage for your body is relaxation and release.

But the benefits go further than that…

Happy ending massages in London help alleviate stress by giving you passive pleasure. Sexual release inevitably helps with stress and anxiety, and by literally taking it out of your hands, the happy ending massage amplifies this effect.

Sensual comforts can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension or high blood pressure. By giving you a completely sensual experience from beginning to end, a good happy ending massage is good for your overall physical health.

Keep scrolling to learn about the tantric penis massage techniques therapists use.

Techniques the therapist may use

There is a range of techniques the therapist may use throughout the happy ending massage.

When she is using her hands to massage your body, she will alternate between using her fingertips, using a “lobster claw” (squeezing the muscles between thumb and forefinger), and using her knuckles for extra pressure.

She will not rush through the process, but will let her hands linger, reinforcing the sensuality in her touch. Once she gets to your groin, she will take it slow rather than hastily getting to work. She will massage the area before getting to the penis.

Throughout, she will use your body’s reactions as feedback, and will adapt her touch to ensure you get the most sensual and pleasurable experience.

Treat yourself to a high quality happy ending massage In London

It is when the talented tantra masseuse will focus all her attention on the most sensitive part of the male body. This is actually our most enjoyable part of the sensual massage too.

Using just our hands and body we can tease the test the receiver bringing them closer to climax. We know our recipient is teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

We are helping them receive a mighty orgasm that could possibly be the greatest one they have ever had. This is sensual pleasuring at its zenith and something all men and women should have on a regular basis.

So if you want a fantastic happy ending massage in London then you know what to do. You should browse our gallery of gorgeous masseuses, select the one you want and then phone us to arrange an incall or outcall appointment.


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