Khmer Massage in London

Khmer Massage In London

In our last blog post we talked about how great Thai massage is. One therapy you may not of heard of is Khmer Massage.

Cambodians claim that this style is actually older than Thai massage. We do not know whether this is true or not and to be honest we do not really care.

What we do care about is quality, and if you have ever had a Khmer massage before you will know how very nice and relaxing it can be. There is less yoga moves in this massage compared to its Thai cousin.

If you like Thai massage, you will certainly like Khmer massage too. As the styles are similar but also unique at the same time.

Khmer massage is not well known outside of Cambodia apart from in ex-pat communities. There are not many places in London where you can experience it. However if you ever get the chance then we suggest you try one. 

It is a really rewarding therapeutic session that makes the body feel great. Of course, Cambodian women are also very attractive and fun, so we are sure that you will received a fantastic time when you have a Khmer massage in London.

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