Lingam Love

Lingam Massage

You need to love the lingam.

If you have been searching around for a tantric massage in London you may have come across the word lingam. The word is an old Hindu word for the male penis. Many agency or independent masseuse websites of course prefer to use this word as it sounds a bit more nice.

In tantra philosophy the lingam is the source of the male power and can be used to transmit energy to a female during intercourse.  

Many sensual therapists in London will massage the lingam to the point of no return where your body feels like it has been strike by a bolt of erotic lightening.

After this happens many people say they have more power and energy. Many of regular clients will be shaking in orgasmic pleasure for a couple of minutes after release. This really is powerful stuff when done by a trained tantic masseuse.

You can also make the orgasm your self more powerful by controlling your breathing and your pelvic muscles.

If you come see us for a tantric massage we will tell you what you can do to expand your enjoyment and prolong your orgasm. Let the lingam love begin.

Erotic Joy