Mutal Massage

Mutual Massage London

There is nothing more erotic and fun than having a mutual massage in London.

As the name suggests, this sensual therapy is when the roles reverse and the recipient can massage the masseuse.

Imagine having the chance to get your hands on a sexy lady and enjoying the opportunity to tease and caress her body, turning her on with your every intimate touch.

There is an art to massaging a female body as it takes a women a little longer to get her body and mind into an erotic state.

However you have done your research or have lots of experience in sensual massage then the masseuse will be very happy to have you massage her.

Of course, there is also nothing wrong with asking a women where she likes to be massage and what pressure she likes having applied on her body.

Being able to pleasure a women with your hands will make you very popular with the ladies indeed.

Every sensual masseuse is different, some will allow you touch and explore their body for the perfect mutual massage in London.

Others do lot allow touching and prefer to make sure that it is you who gets the full benefits or a highly charged erotic massage.

So if it's body to body, erotic 4 hands massage in London or whatever style your trying make sure to be polite and ask first if you can touch the masseuses body, you never know, you might get lucky.

Erotic Joy