Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Many of the masseuses from our portfolio are from European backgrounds and are qualified in Swedish massage.

This treatment is very popular, not just in London but across the rest of Europe. The main techniques involved which make it differ from the rest is that there are only five set styles of strokes.

It also features lots of vibrations of the body which help relieve pain in the body's joints.

Sometimes if the recipient asks for it we can introduce these Swedish massage techniques into the full body sensual session.

It's because our ladies are so skilled at various therapies, as well as being heavily invested in the sexy and sensual side of things, that we are considered one of the best places to come with our clients returning many times.

If you don't believe us then why not come down and try for yourself. If you do not have the energy for travelling then we can come to you. More information on our contact page.

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