Vagina Massage

Vagina Massage

The female genitalia is a very sensual area for the female.

A vagina massage in London, if done correctly, can produce an explosive orgasm that can leave the body shaking for many minutes afterwards.

They say women can have more intense orgasms compared to men but that men can have them more easily.  

Women need longer to build that sensual fever to put the body and mind in the right mood to receive intimate and erotic touch.

To give a good vagina massage requires the practitioner to softly caress the inner thighs and then gently touch and play with the lips of the vagina.

From here the giver can play with the woman's clitoris by rubbing softly in circular motions. At this point the sensations will start to rise in the receiver and the masseuse or masseur can then insert their fingers deeper.

The therapist will use two hands and will eventually look for the g-spot. Stimulation of the g-spot and clit simultaneously can cause immense pleasure and can eventually result in an intense orgasm.

London has always been a liberal city of adventure and is a great town for a woman to try this therapy.

We hope as the social barriers break down more women will feel comfortable about receiving this type of massage from a stranger.

If this experience is enjoyed that stranger of course may become a good friend as well.

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